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The Changing

Face of Tech...

The first in our series looking at growth tech sub sectors;

today's piece looking at PropTech.

What might have started with a free valuation from Zoopla back in 2009/10, there are many more services which support buying and selling or renting office space, causing changes in the landscape of real estate.

Products and services which are removing the middle man, or the facilitator from the equation are gaining momentum and that is unlikely to change in the short-term. We have gone from customer service to customer experience and how much better can it be to offer an experience without a third party?

Added to that, a real diversity of fintech companies changing the way lending and borrowing is done, not forgetting investments, we might not see many more bricks and mortar estate agents in the near future!

Click on the link below to have a full read of an excellent piece by Luke Mintz, posted today on TechCity News on the changing landscape of real estate!

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