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Tech Entrepreneurs Come to Campus

Students get insight into joining the tech start-up world

When tech meets enterprise it can produce something very special – recent years have seen a vast array of incredible tech start-ups become global sensations and UpScale celebrated tech entrepreneurship this month with a leading panel event.

Guests heard from a range of panelists within this field to find out their top tips, experience and career journey’s to date and all three had a very different story to tell.

Alex Sullivan, founder and CEO of AI powered Property Search Agent kicked off the evening with a thought-provoking talk on the realities of being a tech start-up and what comes with it. ‘It’s hard work, and it’s going to hurt [a lot]’ but Alex reflected that on the flip side the successes along the way are worth it; it’s down to you to take the time to enjoy those wins, and reflect on what you’ve achieved before getting back into the ‘head down’ phase.

The enjoyment element is something Alex Oviawe , founder and CEO of wearable tech start-up Precision Sports can resonate with. Being at an earlier stage in his start up journey, Alex admitted it’s hard to remember to take a step back and enjoy the big steps forward. ‘We’ve just received our final prototype this week and my immediate reaction was to move straight ahead with the next step – this is something I’ve worked for tirelessly over several years and I didn’t acknowledge what a huge moment this was.’

It was certainly clear to see that developing a start-up isn’t an easy ride and it takes commitment and dedication, something Social Entrepreneur Elena Sinel has a wealth of experience in. As founder and CEO of the largest teen tech accelerator globally, Acorn Aspirations, Elena has persisted in making her venture the success it is today. After hosting her first hackathon the response was fantastic and led to an unexpected continuation to run more events that reached even more teenagers.

The Q&A session brought some real insights into each panellists’ journey and some reflection on their school years proved a particularly interesting topic. With some networking drinks to round off the evening, we had plenty of takeaways; be resilient when things go wrong, because they inevitably will, remember to enjoy the journey during the highs, and work hard. Oh, and be special, because it takes a special someone to succeed as a tech entrepreneur.

Thank you to Alex, Elena and Alex for being part of the event and providing a great panel discussion.

UpScale events will be back for the start of the new academic year in October so keep updated throughout the summer for details on what to expect.

In the meantime get in touch with any queries!

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