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How Tech is Transforming Transport

The second in our series looking at growth tech sub sectors;

today's piece looking at 'Smart Mobility'.

Flying cars, transporting drones and faster journeys were all a dream a decade ago. Not so now; how things have changed. The 'Back to the Future' style flying cars seemed centuries away but with the development and evolving technologies, things are not as far away as you might think.

Electric cars have become less of a novice with Tesla changing the market and making them much more accessible. Tax incentives in urban areas have made electric cars all the more appealing. Added to that, less pollution including decreased noise pollution with the introduction of Hybrid cars (the silent Uber ones); manufacturers are taking tech in this space much more seriously.

Google has been explicitly testing self-driving cars and even industry shaping Apple, has been rumoured to be working on automated vehicles. But it's not just the self-driving aspect that is making the sector intriguing. It's the whole experience that might change which makes it even more of a game changer.

On-demand services, self-driving cars and other new technologies are set to increasingly transform the way we go about our daily lives.

Daniel Lyons, director at EY, sets out some thoughts on how to define smart mobility, what is fuelling this trend, and what advances we might expect in the next few years. Have a read of the full article below.

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